Chartering an Airplane and Choosing Castle Aviation

Of all the benefits of business aircraft, increased productivity of personnel is probably the most important. Companies that utilize business aircraft for business purposes can control virtually all aspects of their travel plans. Itineraries can be changed instantly, and business aircraft can be flown to thousands more destinations than are served by the airlines.
Business aircraft are engineered and built to the highest standards.

Business aircraft are productivity multipliers that allow passengers to conduct business enroute in complete privacy while reducing the stresses associated with traveling on commercial carriers. And in recent years, business aircraft have compiled an impressive safety record that is comparable to that of the major airlines. Benefits of business aircraft include:

Why should the Air Charter be your company’s travel solution?

Saving Employee Time.
Efficient employee scheduling and employee timesavings are key advantages of business aircraft use. Because business aircraft have the ability to fly nonstop between small close-in airports, highly efficient employee time management becomes a very real benefit.

Increasing Productivity Enroute
Employee productivity sustained enroute to a business destination – in a secure office environment, free from interruptions, distractions or eavesdropping – can have substantial value to an employer, including strategizing before meetings and debriefing afterwards or meeting with customers enroute.

Minimizing Non-business Hours Away from Home
“Family time” before and after traditional business hours is critical to most employees and can have an acute effect on employee morale and productivity. Business aircraft allow flexible scheduling and quick and easy access to meeting locations, thereby minimizing time away from home and office.

Ensuring Industrial Security
Avoiding eavesdropping, reducing travel visibility, eliminating unwanted and unnecessary conversations and interruptions, all support the use of business aircraft to safeguard company employees and the sensitive information they carry.

Maximizing Personal Safety and Peace of Mind
Turbine-powered business aircraft have a safety record comparable to that of the largest scheduled airlines. The peace of mind that results from complete company control over the aircraft flown, passenger and baggage manifests, pilot quality and training, aircraft maintenance, and operational safety standards is substantial.

Exercising Management Control Over Efficient, Reliable Scheduling
The near-total scheduling flexibility inherent in business aircraft – even changing itineraries enroute – can be a powerful asset. As aircraft can arrive and depart on the passenger’s schedule, typically waiting for them in the ordinary course of business, meetings can be moved up, back, or extended without penalty, risk or unnecessary scheduling pressures. Overnight trips can be avoided.

Projecting a Positive Corporate Image
For customers particularly, and often for vendors, the arrival and departure of company employees via business aircraft is the sign of a well-run company, signaling the progressive nature of an organization with a keen interest in efficient time management and high levels of productivity. If used for charitable purposes, significant public-service contributions, as well as possible public relations benefits, also can be realized.

Charging the Entrepreneurial Spirit
By minimizing or eliminating many of the barriers to travel, business aircraft allow business opportunities to be more readily considered and acted upon.

Reasons for Using Business Aircraft


Every effort is made to enhance safety and professionalism. Pilots attend advanced training, utilizing state-of-the-art training centers, such as SimCom and Flight Safety International. The experience, training and professional attitude of our pilots assures you that mature judgment and safety are the governing factors of every flight.

Aircraft Charter is the smart alternative for travelers interested in traveling hassle free. We look forward to hearing from you the next time you need efficient travel with first-class customer service!

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