Local Army veteran gets life-changing surgery in New York after 18 years of pain

An Army veteran from Forest finally got the help he needed after suffering 18 years and did not have to pay a dime for surgery. Kurt Santini II is a special forces U.S. Army Ranger veteran. “It was every part of who I was,” Santini said. About 18 years ago he and his fellow soldiers were training. “It was an airfield seizure and we were jumping out of airplanes and my chute collapsed,” Santini said. He fell 100 feet fracturing his spine in several places. After years of trying to get help, he said he was denied a complex surgery through the VA. He said he did not know where else to turn, until he met CEO and Founder of Operation Backbone, Mike Sformo. "That was fate," Santini described. Oper


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