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Detailing Services

Aircraft Detailing

Bobby Harrell is our Detailing Manager. Bobby and his professional team will help you with all of your detailing needs! Have a question? He can help!

IDA Certified Dealer
  • Wet Wash-

    • Washing all top surfaces with a non-abrasive horse hairbrush

  • Eco Wash/Wax Exterior Detail-

    • No water is involved and the belly is not included.

  • Belly Cleaning/Under Wing-

    • This includes a wash and a wax.

  • Paint Correction-

    • A two-stage paint correction requiring a heavy cut to get all the imperfections out. This service is completed with a finishing compound to restore the shine.

  • Polish-

    • The final stage of the paint correction. It can be used by itself to brighten the paint's surface and then it is protected by a ceramic wax to last up to one year.

  • Interior Detailing-

    • This includes leather, carpets, woods, latrine, flight deck, etc. (Excludes carpet shampoo.)

  • Quick Turn-

    • This is a quick one-hour interior detail and de-trash before the aircraft departs again.

  • Pneumatic Boot Restore/Protection-

    • We will bring your boots back to the new shiny look it had before while also protecting them. 

  • Carpet Cleaning-

    • The carpets will be removed for a full shampoo according to the FAA regulations.​ (This service does not include spot cleaning.)

  • Ceramic Coating-

    • This is a new innovative product approved by Boeing and the FAA. It will protect your aircraft paint surfaces for up to five years! The ceramic coating can be applied to paint, plastics, and windows. This coating will help protect the surfaces from scratching and sun fading. It is hydrophobic and gives you 10x the shiny glass look!

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