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Sarasota, FL



We are now located in Sarasota, Florida! Currently, the Piper Aerostar is based there to meet all your charter needs. This aircraft can be configured into a cargo or passenger flight. The Aerostar can take up to 4 passengers. Whether it is Key West, the Bahamas, Georgia, Alabama, or anywhere in or out of Florida. We have made this base a more convenient location for our customers. Request a quote today!

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PIPER AEROSTAR (Specifications)

  • Twin Engine Piston   

  • Not Pressurized           

  • IATA Identifier: AEST

  • Max 950 lbs<1hr range           

  • 4.5-hour Max Range 

  • 200 Nautical Miles           

  • Cabin: 60x34x46in

  • Door: 20x41in                

  • Speed: 242 mph; 210 kts     

  • Minimum Runway:3500 ft

  • Fuel: 100LL                           

  • Capacity:990lbs; 165 gal

  • Burn: 190 lb; 32 gal/hr

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