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Consumers National Bank Customer Success Story: Castle Aviation

Originally posted: https://www.consumers.bank/About-Us/About-Consumers-Bank/Blog/ArtMID/693/ArticleID/158

An Interview with Michael Grossmann & Dana Setting

Michael Grossmann (CEO/Owner) & Dana Setting (Marketing Director): Castle Aviation

Castle Aviation sailed (or shall we say, soared) through COVID and three recessions with flying colors, thanks in large part to its partnership with Consumers National Bank. Getting timely help from Consumers to secure a Small Business Association (SBA) SBA 504 loan for their hangar was a significant milestone, and the company continues to make great strides in their industry. Keep reading to find out how diverse cargo such as animals, freight, and people, along with the vision of the company’s fearless leader, has helped shape the organization. This is their success story—the kind of story that all of us here at Consumers love to hear!

Consumers National Bank: To start us off, tell us a little about your business, yourself, and your role in the business.

Dana Setting: I am the new marketing director at Castle Aviation. Prior to moving into marketing in 2018, I was a librarian for 10 years.

Michael Grossmann: I’ve been involved in aviation for a bit longer, and started flying on St. Patrick’s Day in 1979. At 26 years old, that made me a bit of a late starter. Early on, I was fascinated by the Sky King TV show, so maybe that influenced me. Career-wise, I was a firefighter who enjoyed flying as a hobby, on my days off. One day, I got into an accident driving home from work in Grove City, PA, and, while I was laying there, I thought I could run a business better than the guy I was working for. That changed my life.

It took about six weeks for Michael to recover from the accident but from it came the courage to start his own company. He followed his banker, Laura Horovitz, to Consumers National Bank and has never regretted it

About Castle Aviation

Castle Aviation is a Part 135 air carrier (bigger airlines are Part 121). So, the company can handle up to 30 passengers or 7,500 pounds of cargo. For Castle, the focus is primarily on air freight, as passenger transport accounts for only about 5% of the business. Castle offers retail maintenance and service to the public as well. Castle Aviation operates out of the Akron-Canton Airport in a former WWII-themed restaurant, which they extensively renovated and officially moved into in 2020.

Other Key Castle Aviation Team Members

  • David Combs- President,

  • Dave Scheufler- Vice President and Director or Maintenance

  • Dennis Telles II- Director of Operations

  • Andrea Vierheller- Director of Administration

Consumers National Bank: What was it that initially got you banking with Consumers National Bank?

Michael Grossmann: “Laura has always taken good care of me, so we followed her to Consumers National Bank. I didn’t like the big bank feel. In my opinion, they're not very personable. You’re just a number; but it’s not that way at Consumers. The bank helps clients create the necessary plans and strategies to achieve their goals; that’s what they continue to do for us”.