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Castle Claims Official Occupancy

It was over a year ago that Castle had its eyes set on something much larger. Something that would combine all operations under one roof and would mean more than just being the foundation of our growing company.

The building was once the 356th Fighter Group Restaurant. This building means a lot to Castle Aviation, our community, and our country. Castle wanted to keep the history of the building, knowing its history and relevance. If you are unfamiliar with the 356th Fighter Squadron, you can read more here.

Not only did the CEO & President, Michael Grossmann, want to restore and keep all the building's characteristics, but he also wanted it to be a staple for all the veterans he flies and supports. Castle continues to give back to our American heroes through the Veterans Airlift Command. You can learn more about the Veterans Airlift Command here.

On July 15, 2020, our local operation was given hangar occupancy. Seven days later, on July 22, 2020, we were given occupancy to our offices. Now we can officially start "taxiing" our aircraft and belongings to our new 50,300 sq ft building.

This huge milestone is means so much to the Castle team, the Akron-Canton Airport, and the community.

We have many other updates to come and we cannot wait to show you the offices! Here is an aerial shot of the taxiway, building, and hangar. Updates are happening DAILY!

To stay connected, follow us on Facebook for all of our latest updates and live virtual ribbon-cutting event. Click here to follow us!


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