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From King to Castle

The Dispatch Department at Castle is a very busy place. Working in staggered shifts, the dispatchers work 24/7 to support Castle pilots and assist clients and customers as well. Some of the main tasks of our dispatchers are to complete customs paperwork for international trips, and also to work closely with Customs officials to receive needed clearances.

Among other tasks, our dispatchers handle all the arrangements for our flights, from notifying FBOs of our plans, to submitting fuel releases, making hotel and rental car arrangements for pilots and more. They are also in charge of making sure all scheduled trips legally adhere to part 135 regulations.

One of Castle's dispatchers is Alicia Driver. After working as a ramp agent and customer service rep at other aviation companies on the field at CAK Airport for three years, she was laid off in the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time, Castle continued operations as normal, and began to grow our client base as many companies found their usual means of cargo transport unavailable. In January of 2021, Alicia joined the Castle Dispatch team.

Now five years into her aviation career, Alicia says that what she likes most about working at Castle is the team-oriented atmosphere. She says, “You can, and are encouraged to reach out if you have any questions or even if you want a second opinion on something you’re working on.” She also likes being able to feel valued as a member of a team, getting to be part of a fast-growing company, and she likes that Castle encourages employees to stay active through a monthly workout bonus.

Alicia says that her first job, which was working as a cashier at Burger King, taught her a lot about giving great customer service, even when dealing with upset customers—something that has translated well to the often high-stress world of aviation. Other top skills Alicia says make a good dispatcher are being able to effectively prioritize tasks, always being willing to learn, and keeping a positive attitude when encountering obstacles.

We’re glad Alicia is part of the Castle team, and her career trajectory is a great example of how the skills you bring matter more than the work you’ve done in the past.


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