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Castle Aviation Announces Groundbreaking Partnership

NORTH CANTON, Ohio— Castle Aviation has announced a multi-year contract with North Pole Distributing as a relief carrier for the 2022 through 2027 holiday seasons. North Pole CEO Kristopher Kringle hand-selected Castle Aviation from a vast field of applicants. Kringle admitted, “Frankly, Castle Aviation was the obvious choice.”

After meeting virtually with Castle’s President, David Combs and Director of Administration, Andrea Vierheller, Kringle accepted an invitation to be flown into CAK Airport in a Castle Aerostar and tour the company’s headquarters. The former site of the 356th Fighter Group Restaurant underwent extensive remodel and renovation and opened for business in Summer 2021.

Of the interview process, Kringle stated, “Once on the ground, I knew this state-of-the-art facility was the only choice to handle my most precious of cargo. The world’s children depend on us to run on time and execute the mission. Castle Aviation has been doing this for 39 years. Their record speaks for itself.”

With the world population having recently reached 8 billion inhabitants, North Pole Distributing has had to seek modern solutions for the high stakes day they work all year to prepare for. This Christmas Eve, they are pleased to have the backup from Castle’s experienced team.

Castle Aviation plans to utilize multiple Saab 340B planes and several Cessna Caravans on the big night. Their Dispatch staff and Maintenance Team will be working around the clock in the coming weeks to be well prepared for the demands of the most important day in cargo distribution.

According to Kringle, “I have full faith in the Castle team. In fact, I would say their dependability and dedication not only rivals my own, it may exceed it.”

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