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Flyover Season is Here

Castle Aviation’s Founder, Michael Grossmann, spends much of his time in Venice, Florida these days, but it’s possible that you’ve seen him out and about in his T-34 Mentor aircraft, as he spends nearly every summer weekend spreading the Castle Air name by participating in flyover events across the country. “Stache” as he’s known in the T34 Mentor world, is an active member (and current Treasurer) of the T-34 Association—an organization that was created to support and bring together T-34 Mentor owners and fans.

The T-34 Mentor was created in the 1950’s by the Beech Aircraft Factory as a trainer aircraft. The U.S Navy, Air Force and NASA all utilized the T-34 at various times, and in some cases still do, for purposes such as primary training, range clearing and as a chase plane, among others.

To learn more about the T-34 Mentor Association, and to see more pics of Stache’s plane in action, visit

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